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Dr. Rayol John Augustus Ph.D.

Rayol John Augustus is the Founder and President of Shreis Scalene Sciences LLC., Maryland, USA, founded in July 2007. He is also the Chief Operations Officer and the Chief Technical Officer of the company. Shreis is bringing the Cytotron - a non-invasive, therapeutic medical device through the US-FDA and Health Canada, to N. and S. America, Mexico and the Caribbean.  He is also the Founder-President and CEO of Shreis Scalene Cardiotech LLC and Founder-President and CEO of Shreis Scalene Greenergy LLC, Gaithersburg, MD, USA which he cofounded in 2010. Dr. Augustus is one of the founding directors of Scalene Tissue Engineering Medical Systems (STEMS), India that he cofounded with technology partner Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar.  His personal and professional interaction of over 20 years with Chairman of STEMS and Organization de Scalene, Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar D.Sc., has led to the irrevocable and perpetual technology license agreements and partnership and the formation of the three companies.

Dr. Augustus served with the Embassy of India, Washington DC, as the Advisor (Defense Technology) to the Ministry of Defense, Government of India, reporting directly to Dr. Abdul Kalam, ex-President of India, then serving as Scientific Advisor to the Government of India.  He was responsible for monitoring of all Indo-US Defense Technology Projects and Technology Transfer and represented the 53 labs of India's Defense R&D Organization.  He focused on technology transfer and international business collaborations and established extensive Indo-US technology interaction & relations and facilitated Indo-US defense technology business.  Prior to this he was a senior scientist and Director with the Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and took voluntary retirement after 25 years of contributions that won him the president�s award for technology development.

His academic qualifications include a BSc. in Physics, Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Engineering, MBA in Business Administration, Diplome de Specialization in Aeronautics, MS(Aerospace), and a Ph.D. in Technology Transfer and certification in cardiovascular technology.  On the personal level, he has a Masters degree in Divinity and is a Doctorate in Bible studies. His book 'In Defence of My Country' is used as a reference in Indo-US strategic thinking.

Dr. Augustus' focus is to bring Indian medical technology to the world market. With this in mind, he has spear headed the launch of his medical device companies since 2001 and is now extremely focused on working with regulatory bodies for medical device approval in the North and South American region and the Caribbean. He has brought out specific training manuals for the devices and training material and methodology to train regulatory officials on pioneering technology to meet unmet medical needs.

His business strategy and acumen helped him build strategic partnerships in the region. One such partnership is with TruBios to whom he has sub-licensed out Mexico and the Mexican COFEPRIS compliant countries for the marketing of the Cytotron for the treatment of cancer and Osteoarthritis as well as the Haemoseis-256 for a non-invasive diagnosis of cardiovascular disease. He has helped NeuroCytonix, Gaithersburg, MD to start R&D studies for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders. Clinical trials will soon start in Monterey, Mexico.

Books Published by Dr. Augustus:

Sheaves of Wheat- An Anthology of Christian Writings

In Defense of My Country - Indo-US Defense Technology Transfer

Morphing My Faith - Influence of Hinduism on the Roman Catholic Church in India

Father To Son - Learning From The Trenches

Lean Times - Leaning Times

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