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Shreis-Scalene Sciences
11516 Darnestown Rd. Gaithersburg,MD 20878
Tel : (001)301-926-0566
Fax : (001)301-926-2925
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The Team

The Shréis team consists of seasoned professionals who provide the expertise and the stability to the organization. Our team members are professionals in engineering and bio-medical engineering along with vast experience in management.

 Key Players on the Team

  Rayol J. Augustus MS, MBA, Ph.D    -  Founder, President & COO & CTO

  Prof.  Dr. Meena Augustus , MS., PhD. -   Co-Founder, CEO & CSO

  Benoit Tremblay , MSC, C., CEO (Canada)

  Rajah V. Kumar  D.Sc.  Inventor, Technology Partner, Chairman, Orgnization de Scalene

    Advisory Board

  Dr. G. S. Nayar  MD

  Dr. Aidan Liam Jacques MD. 

  Dr. Ranjit Kumar MD, AVM , IAF (Retd.) Medical Director - Cytotron Project (Rted.)

  Dr. DC Doval  MD (Oncology)

  Dr. Bhawana Awasty  MD (Oncology)

  Dr. G. Susheela MD (Anest.)

  Dr. Subhash Govindaswamy  MD (Opth)

  Brig. C. Jacques Dir. (MNS) (Retd.)










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